Professional Organizing

Attention to Detail


Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Tired of wasting time and energy because of your disorganization?


helps individuals and families of all ages become more organized.

Creating calm from the chaos in their life! 

Get the results you WANT & live the life you DESIRE!

As a Professional Organizer, MaH brings experience and know-how to every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is the attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.
Asking someone into your home for home organizing help or assisting your business with better organization and processes, could be intimidating, but rest assured MaH has a no-judgment approach. Some think their disorganization is the worst and maybe embarrassed. What's important is that you're ready to make a change. Let's leap together and let MaH help bring organization to your lifestyle. 




Don't worry about costs adding up.

All-inclusive pricing will set you at ease!

You receive every luxury service offered that's applicable to your project, at


Best part --------> The behind the scene time, planning, shopping, research, and custom labels does not deduct from the actual organizing time you purchase!!!<--------                 

       Per hour :: $75/hr

  16-35 hours :: $72/hr 

     36+ hours :: $65/hr  




  • consult approx 20 min depending on space(s)

  • planning for best use & organization of your space

  • shopping for project space within an approved budget

  • donation removal & delivery to a charity*

  • recycle removal*

  • custom labels 

  • referrals to other services as applicable

    • assistance scheduling other services as applicable

  • MaH product knowledge and supplier discount sources

  • MaH experience will SAVE you TIME and MONEY

  • MaH ability to help with custom solutions


The above services & discounts are NOT deducted from your purchased hands-on organizing time!

The above services & discounts are included as part of  ALL-INCLUSIVE SERVICE pricing!


  • ONLY on-site or virtual organizing appointment time is billed​ to you, per an organizer!


*quantities exceeding what can be removed by MaH may incur a hauling removal fee which will be approved by the client.