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Is professional organizing expensive?

Disorganization, clutter, and chaos is way more expensive than what you'll spend to clear it out and add organization. Disorganization costs you physically and financially through duplicate purchases, things expiring, loss of time looking for items, and stressing about the mess. It could be causing you late fees, damages/repairs to your homes and vechicles. I think the biggest cost is the toll it takes is on your peace, relationships, time, energy, hobbies, and goals. What do you think your current level of disorganization is costing you each month? Check out my "Professional Organizing" page and see a full list of services included with my professional organiznig, you'll also find my pricing / fees on that page. My "PO" clients also receive discounts on my custom drawer dividers. I offer All-Inclusive Services & Pricing! You won't be surprised with any added costs.

How does professional organizing work?

First ~We start with a chat by phone or by email. I'll listen to what you share about your project and I'll ask some questions to best understand your needs and goals for the space. Before the call concludes I'll schedule the free in-person consultation, confirm that you are aware of the additional services included as a part of my professional organizing service and my fees, which are All-Inclusive Services & Pricing. No surprise fees here. I'm here to help you become organized and rid stress, not add more! Second ~ After the call I'lI email you a copy of my contract, so you'll have a chance to review it before the consult. Third ~ At the consult, I'll have the opportunity to see the project space in-person & fully access how I can meet your needs and goals for the project. At that time I may take pictures and measurements, depending on the space needs. (I never share or use your before / after photos without your permission.) I may have some additional questions for you concerning your space. You can ask me questions or discuss concerns you may have. At the conclusion of the in-person consult: you can opt to sign the contract, purchase organizing hours, and schedule day(s) / time(s) for your project to be completed. Fourth & Finally ~ Your space becomes organized, decluttered, styled, and will now be a more relaxing and calming space! Items you may be ready to part with, or items to be recycled, are taken away for you. Only thing left is to enjoy your space and mark that project off your to-do list!! Enjoy the new love for you space.

What if I'm nervous?

Reaching out to me, for some, may the biggest hurdle. You want to be more organized but are nervous about understanding the process. Or you have feelings of anxiety, vulnerability, self-consciousness, or shame. I do not judge you or your spaces. I am truly humbled that you invite me into your personal space and share such vulnerable parts of your life with me. I’m patient, caring, sensitive to your needs, and excited to help implement more organization and help usher in more joy in the process! I want you to love your spaces!

Do I have to buy expensive containers?

No. We can utilize things you already have, or I can purchase some new organization items for you, within your budget. There are a lot of great options for organizing and there are many affordable options. It helps that I know what’s available and where best to purchase it. It’s also a once and kind of done thing. Once a system is set up, you won’t be continually investing into new organization systems.

Do I have to get rid of everything?

Absolutely not! This process is about helping you sort through your stuff and in the process realize you own your stuff and it doesn’t own you! The process will help in making decisions of what you need, don’t need, and how this impacts your buying and organizing choices moving forward. I would never pressure of suggest to get rid of items that you use, love or need. I actually have a specific process for those that are struggling with…”What if I need this again?” thoughts.

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