"I highly recommend Milsaps at Home. Jessica is VERY talented in all she offers through Milsaps at Home. She is professional, organized (I mean hello!😉), knowledgeable, can build things like no one I know, very personable & has a keen eye for organizing & decorating ALL the things. She makes your space unique to you & your needs.

She built me some floating shelves for my front room and not only did she deliver them, she even hung them for me!! So nice! If you are looking for some help getting your home/office organized, decorating suggestions/ideas, or needing something custom built, she is your gal! Let your space be blessed by Milsaps at Home! Book a consultation today!!"

~ K. C.

Thank You


"Love how my silverware drawer is so much more organized and much handier in getting to what I need. Thank you Jessica with Milsaps at Home!!!!!! She is the organizing go to person!"

~ A. M.

"I love my pantry! I could just put a chair in the pantry, to sit at and stare at how beautiful and organized it is!"


~ S. D.

Thank You


"I can honestly say that I don't cringe anymore when I need to get something out of that drawer. Thanks MaH!!!"

~ J. M.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jessica for the fabulous job on my kitchen drawers!! They were in desperate need of organization. I love the results!! If you need help with creating, organizing, displaying, etc.... Jessica with Milsaps at Home is the person for you!!!!

~A. M. 

Thank You


"You think of everything!"

~ E. H.