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Does a messy desk mean you're working harder or getting more done? The visual mess may be workin

The visual of a messy desk in no way means you're getting more done. The messy desk way of life may be working for you or may be working against you! Read on for the reasons and thoughts behind the two ways of function.

An organization system in place at your work desk can help you lower stress and be more productive!

The messy desk, or shall we say the visual display of many items, may be just what your brain needs to see work through and not be forgotten on a mental to-do list. You may be a highly visual person and need to see everything to help remember it's there. That visual is often the needed mental encouragement to see that project or task to completion. If you believe this is you, don't fret about the amount you desire to keep front and center on your desk. Let's create a system to corral, contain, and display all the mess though! Your brain will thank you for it. Yes, you want to see everything, but it's mentally and physically draining to search through piles to find what you are looking for. Being honest, that visual that you need to not forget something, sometimes those visual piles give you a first class ticket to ball drop blvd. That never looks good on a job review.

An Organization System implemented to meet YOUR specific needs!

Now, let us look at the other side of this and discuss an ultra-tidy desk. You know, that one with everything lined up and that post-it pad is sitting squarely on the desk. Ok, there are some of you out there, I've seen it. A past boss of mine would use a ruler to measure the placement of items on the desk. (Insert a palm plant on the forehead right here. Don't ask, just console me.) Then, there's the desk that's mostly tidy but looks like work is happening there. If either of these describes you, you usually desire less visual reminders and may prefer a single written or digital list of your to-do's. You seem to be more productive when things are tidy and clutter is mentally distracting to you. As you probably know there are mobile and desktop apps to help manage and remind you of tasks and timelines for completion. I won't bore you with all the options, reach out if you need any suggestions. Even with lists and alarms to remind you, you can still manage to snooze those alarms and miss a deadline just as easily as your messy desk friend. You could also be losing productivity time by spending too much time tidying your desk and managing your lists!

Hopefully, you've implemented a system and style that works mentally for you to be the most productive. When you walk away from work you shouldn't be exhausted from your self inflicted desk way of life.

Take note of your desk environment. Ask yourself some questions about your current desk and system... What encourages you? What's working and what is not? Note your struggles with your current set up. Decide to implement a system to help you avoid the things about your desk that cause you to stress, leads to frustration and loss of time.

If you need product suggestions MILSAPS at HOME can create a plan to help you resolve your productivity and desk struggles. Help can be through DIY plans, vitural video chat organizing session, or in person help to set up a system for you or with you.

Work can be demanding enough at times, don't add extra stress and time to your day. No one way is right for everyone, so do what works for you and start being more productive and successful with your work day!

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