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Has your craft room gone out of control?

We 💕 those crazy craft rooms!

Planning for best use of space and taking into account your specific hobbies. Sorting, organizing, and containing those fun craft rooms are our thing!

They can easily become a place of discomfort and stress though, but it doesn’t have to be that way!


1️⃣ Think through your goals when it comes to your crafts and hobbies.

Do you enjoy your previous interests? Have you pivoted in a new direction?

2️⃣ Decide what stays and what has overstayed its welcome!

3️⃣ Define zones for hobby storage and the actual hobby in motion.

Create a system to best use your available storage and workspace. You don’t have to have an entire room, just be intentional with the space you do have.

4️⃣ Donate, recycle, dispose of what does not line up with your goals, needs, and lifestyle. Hear us…no guilt, no shame! The money has already been spent, don’t start spending your emotional resources on WHAT WAS! Be here in the now and look to the future.

5️⃣ Now, source items you need to implement your system and storage plans.

6️⃣ Keep focused, keep whatever momentum you can muster up, make that goal a reality!!!

Have questions dm, call, text, email, web chat… whatever form you best relate to.

765 586 7813

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