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Read about Professional Organizing & MILSAPS at HOME process!

This month, we were delighted to be featured in the @LAFcustominteriors emailed newsletter! Lafayette Custom Interiors (LCI), a full-service interior design studio located in Lafayette, IN, shines a spotlight on our work.

Lafayette Custom Interiors specializes in both designing new and redesigning existing spaces of any size or budget, with a focus on whole-room and whole-home interior design.

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LCI said, "We highly recommend contacting MaH for all your home organization needs!" A huge thanks to them, we highly recommend them too!

LCI featured a Q&A with us and we'll share the details below.


Question: Can you tell us a bit about MILSAPS at HOME? What is your role with the company?

Jessica Milsaps: Hello! My name is Jessica Milsaps and I founded, own, and operate MILSAPS at HOME. I handle many business aspects, and client relations, and you'll find me onsite working alongside as part of the team. I can't do it all myself, we have a team of organizers, home help specialists, social media support, and administrative support. That phrase "It takes a village" also applies to running a successful business! MILSAPS at HOME (MaH) is a local Professional Organizing & Home Help company. Our professional organizing services help individuals and families finally deal with the clutter and disorganization in their homes and businesses. For those who want or need ongoing support, we offer maintenance organizing. Home help services are available to anyone, but find these services are generally used by busy professionals and senior citizens. We tailor home help services to meet the client's needs. We may manage one or more of the following: incoming mail/packages, grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, administrative assistance, appointments, holiday decorating & take down, organizing, and maintaining organized spaces.


Q: Can you tell us a bit about the MaH team?

JM: The team at MaH has the same training, but each team member has their gifting and specialties. Having a team brings such wonderful full-circle support to our clients. Our sessions can range from 1 organizer or generally up to 4 organizers, it depends on your space, needs, timeline, and comfort level. The team is caring, compassionate, fun, and easy to work with, and they have hearts of gold! I couldn't be more proud of the group that represents MaH.



Q: If a client is thinking about or ready to begin working with you, what is the first step? What is the process before any work begins? 

JM: Your first step is to call us directly or schedule a phone consultation through our website. Click here to book a phone consultation!

If you schedule a consultation we'll request images and a video of your space before our scheduled call. If you call us directly we'll request images and a video of your space during that call or to be texted later. When we connect by phone we'll discuss your project, pain points, needs, and goals for the space. Next, we'll share an estimated cost with you, and discuss availability. From there, we'll email your digital agreement (estimate) and invoice link with online payment. Once those are completed, your held appointment(s) are confirmed. We'll show up when planned and make the organized magic happen!



Q: Can you tell us a bit about your process?

JM: Our process starts with initial space planning by MILSAPS at HOME. We gather needed items for your project and arrive ready to tackle your space. Once there, we sort, declutter, assign the best use of space, contain, and implement a system to keep you organized. (S.P.A.C.E. is a simplified way to describe the process - sort, purge, assign, contain, evaluate.). We then offer tips and suggestions for maintaining your space moving forward.



Q: What are your favorite types of projects to work on?

JM: Organizing entire homes is a favorite of ours and rewarding. We can see the home come together as a complete system, with a place for everything and the clutter of life is dealt with. Know that it's ok to tackle one space at a time, we have a process for that too. Other favorite projects are kitchens, playrooms, and office spaces. It's hard to have just one favorite!



Q: Do you provide the materials (for storage/organization)?

JM: We'll bring with us the items needed for your project, within the approved budget. You pay only the product cost, not our time to research and source your needed organizational products. As a professional organizing company, we may receive discounts and if we do, we pass them along to you! Our services are structured as an all-inclusive service. This means you pay for the hands-on project time, not the behind-the-scenes service time. The following are included behind-the-scenes services at no additional charge: initial preplanning, product shopping time, labeling cartridges, and shredding/donation/ecyle drop-off time. We love handling the project details for you.



Q: Do you have any general tips when it comes to organizing a laundry room? 

JM: Where do we start!? There are many things to consider and tips to implement when organizing your laundry room. Start with defining your needs, setting up work zones, and keeping easy reach of frequently used items. If limited in space keep rarely used items/products out of premium space and high-use areas. Be sure to make the space work for you, meaning using the space shouldn't feel cumbersome or be difficult to meet your needs. Lastly, remember to have fun in your space too! Implement personal details and style in your laundry room, it's ok not to dread the space aesthetically or functionally.


"We enjoy creating calm from the chaos of life, with livable solutions!" -The MaH Team

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