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3 simple steps :: start your journey of becoming organized!

Make this year different, a year of meeting your goal of becoming organized!

I delayed this post by a couple of weeks because I wanted to see if you've set any organization goals for yourself and if so, how are you doing on them?? Home Organizing takes time and energy. Organizing can be more efficient and sucessful with product knowledge, experience, and skill sets to do so. If you're reading this, you may be someone who finds they struggle with getting or staying organized. If you need a resource to help you become organized, a professional organizer, we've now met! If you're looking for some simple steps that anyone can take to start your journey of becoming organized, this short read may be just the motivation you need to start your journey!

Traditionally, this time of year many self-reflect on the year behind and where they'd like to see themselves in the coming new year. If you want to become organized. I encourage you to...

  1. Set a goal of some sort, do it right now! You can always change your goal, but this moment will pass and if you don't take action...NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!!

  2. Ask someone to follow up with you about your goal once a month, on a set day!

  3. Take one step (even if a tiny step) closer to achieving your goal each month, maybe even weekly!

Starting somewhere will move you forward, and not starting keeps you from ANY FORM of PROGRESS!


Looking ahead, how would you like to see yourself be more organized in YOUR new year? Maybe....

  • kitchen drawers organized with custom drawer dividers

  • that make-up drawer sorted and organized

  • your closet purged/sorted/and organized

  • that messy and cluttered catchall space in your home made tidy and system implemented

  • office organized and productivity systems in place

  • entire home organized, you want to fall in love with your home again!?

Really, the places within our lives to be decluttered and organization implemented are endless. We definitely don't have a lack of what to organized, but where to start!?!?

The goal at MILSAPS at HOME is to continually impact and better the lives of more individuals! Being overwhelmed, disorganized, scrambling for your keys, feeling behind on life, that all leads to stress and maybe even depression and shame for you. I have the privilege of meeting new people, coming alongside them, decluttering and bringing organization into their everyday life. I find my job rewarding and I enjoy my time with my clients! The goal is to see the weight of being disorganized lifted from my clients. As a Professional Organizer, I'm ready to bring order and calm into your life! If you can do it on your own, great!Either way, I would love to know the weight of disorganization is being lifted from your daily life. If are looking for help reach out to MILSAPS at HOME now!

Ready, Set, Go!

Complete the 3 simple steps, listed above, to help you start the journey of becoming organized. If you need more motivation to get started MILSAPS at HOME can be your accountability partner, help you in the organizing process, or complete the organizing process for you with your needs and goals in mind. Some service areas include: see below

(contact MILSAPS at HOME for full service areas, if a travel fee and/or minimum 3 hour applies)

  • Lafayette, IN

  • West Lafayette, IN

  • Crawfordsville, IN

  • Brownsburg, IN

  • Zionsville, IN

  • Carmel, IN

  • Fishers, IN

  • Indianapolis, IN

  • Otterbein, IN

  • Oxford, IN

  • Kokomo, IN

  • Monticello, IN

  • 45 miles from zip code 47909

Pick one goal, any goal, big, small, insignificant, significant, anything attainable is a great place to start. Verbally say your goal out-loud to someone, write it on a post-it you'll see daily, or make it your screensaver.

Start right now, email or comment with your goal, it'll be a start and you'll know you've put it out there!

What will YOUR next step be?

Good luck and dig in when the steps to reach your new goal become difficult.

Once you meet that goal, set another!

Cheering you on....


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